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Mississippi Medicare Fraud Whistleblower Lawyers

Offering 75 Years of Experience to Mississippi Medicare Whistleblowers

Protecting and Assisting Courageous Mississippi Whistleblowers Exposing Medicare Fraud
The law provides a legal framework to protect and encourage employees who courageously reveal efforts by businesses including health care providers to de-fraud Medicare and waste or divert public funds.  The False Claims Act has been providing a way to expose and eliminate fraudulent billings and claims submitted to Federal government programs including Medicare as far back as the Civil War.  These laws offer legal protections to employees who assume personal risks and disclose fraudulent billing practices that can drain Medicare of necessary funds.  Because “whistleblowers” that expose such conduct have helped the government avoid the loss of hundreds or millions of dollars, the law provides both legal protection from retribution by employers for disclosing such illegal and fraudulent conduct and provides substantial financial compensation for disclosing Medicare fraud. 

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Many health care providers routinely engage in fraudulent billing practices that can pose a heavy drain on public funds and drive up the public cost associated with the Medicare program.  Because insiders including employees in the health care industry often have the best access to evidence and information regarding fraudulent health care practices, the law provides legal compensation for exposing these practices.

The Federal government gets defrauded regularly by members of the healthcare industry.  Many of the false claims against the government are related to Medicare.  Although the Federal government does investigate these cases of fraud, it relies on individuals who have inside information to, in essence, “blow the whistle”.  These false claims are known in legal circles as “qui tam” or “whistleblower” cases.  The Federal False Claims Act was created to help catch people or entities in the medical care industry defrauding the Federal government.

When an individual or “whistleblower” comes forward to report fraudulent activity, that individual is then entitled to receive a percentage of the money recovered, usually between 15 and 30 percent.  If you have inside knowledge of fraudulent Medicare conduct, you can initiate litigation against the party responsible and share in 15 to 30 percent of the government's recovery.

Some examples of Medicare fraud include the following:

  • A health care provider bills Medicare for services never rendered.
  • A supplier bills Medicare for equipment never received.
  • An individual uses another person’s Medicare card to get medical care, supplies, or equipment.
  • An individual or company bills Medicare for home medical equipment after it has been returned.
  • A company offers a Medicare drug plan that has not been approved by Medicare.
  • A company uses false information to mislead individuals into joining a Medicare plan.

Medicare fraud affects every American.  Waste, fraud and abuse take critical resources out of our health care system and contributes to the rising cost of health care for all Americans.  Eliminating fraud will cut costs for families, businesses and the federal government and increase the quality of services for those who need care.

If you are considering a Medicare whistleblower action against an individual, your employer or another company, you should not hesitate to seek the legal counsel of Barrett Law, PLLC.  With over 75 years of experience representing clients in Mississippi, we will protect you and help you bring the party defrauding the government to justice.  With over 75 years of experience working with courageous Mississippi residents dedicated to protecting the public, we will assist you in exposing conduct that results in defrauding the public of valuable medical and financial resources. 

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