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Our Case Results

  1. Premises liability action brought on behalf of a college student who broke his neck after diving into a large pool at a resort in the Bahamas.  The threshold issue in the case was whether or not the water depth warning signs were adequate.  The case was settled on the eve of trial for over $6,000,000.00. 
  2. Railroad crossing pedestrian wrongful death case brought on behalf of the children of a woman who was struck by a train and killed while walking across a railroad track.  The contested issue was whether or not the train horn was blown.  At trial, the jury awarded the plaintiffs $2,000,000.00.
  3. Case filed by a family of farmers who were not allowed by the farm landowner to renew their farm lease agreement and continue farming the land.  Suit was brought against the landowner alleging breach of contract; a claim was also brought against a nearby and large farming company alleging tortious interference with a business relationship.  The issues were hotly disputed.  After extensive litigation, the case settled for $810,000.00.
  4. Railroad crossing wrongful death case where a person was killed while driving his vehicle across the tracks.  The liability issues were sight distance and failure to blow the train horn.   The case settled for $1,350,000.00.
  5. Product liability case brought against an automobile manufacturer where two passengers survived the crash but were trapped in the car and died from smoke inhalation before the car burned due to a fuel fed fire.  Plaintiffs argued that the breach in the fuel delivery system, which was argued to be a manufacturing defect, caused the deaths.  Dealing with significant contributory negligence issues, the case settled for $350,000.00
  6. Product liability case brought against an automobile manufacturer by the wrongful death beneficiaries of a person whose vehicle hydroplaned on the interstate, exited the roadway and came to rest at a bridge abutment.  The theories of liability were that the seatback system and rear view glass design were both defective and that those defects caused or contributed to the death of the driver of the vehicle.  Dealing with significant contributory negligence issues, the case settled for $325,000.00.
  7. Case filed by a whistleblower on behalf of the United States against Dr. Meera Satchdeva and the Rose Cancer Center.  The whistleblower worked at the cancer center and observed the fraudulent billing of Medicare and also the watering down of cancer medications for patients.  The whistleblower, who was represented by Barrett Law, PLLC, worked undercover with the government to provide vital physical evidence and, later, testimony in the matter.  As a result of the whistleblower’s coming forward, the government recovered from Dr. Sachdeva $8,600,000.00 in fraudulent Medicare charges and was able to have the doctor sentenced to a 20 year jail term.  The whistleblower received a percentage of the recovered $8,600,000.00 in Medicare fraudulent charges.
  8. Adverse possession of land case where Barrett Law, PLLC represented a landowner who discovered that a sizeable portion of his land was being used by others who had erected a fence on the property decades earlier.  The case was tried in front of a chancery court judge.  The judge ruled for Barrett Law’s landowner client and ordered the wrongful possessor to remove the fence and leave the land.
  9. Timber theft case brought by a landowning family against a timber company after a tornado had caused damage to parts of the timber on the land.  The family hired the timber company to remove the felled timber.  Later, the family alleged that the timber company had wrongfully removed from the land acres of timber that had not been damaged by tornado.  The case was settled before trial for $80,000.00.
  10. Fire loss claim brought by a homeowner against its home insurance company was denied.  Mr. Barrett was retained by the family to prosecute their claim.  Ultimately, the fire loss claim was paid in full by the insurance company, resulting in over $250,000.00 recovered in insurance proceeds.
  11. Barrett Law, PLLC was retained by many farmers in the Mississippi Delta to represent them in the economic loss claims against seed manufacturer, Bayer, due to the damage caused by Bayer’s negligently allowing the unauthorized genetically modified seed called Shenier into their rice crops.  These farmers were able to recover a large percentage of their economic losses, resulting in over $500,000.00 in claims paid.
  12. Since 2012, Barrett Law, PLLC has represented hundreds of Mississippi business owners in prosecuting their business economic loss (BEL) claims against British Petroleum (BP) as a result of BP’s negligently causing the catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  Hundreds of thousands of dollars have recently been paid to some of the firm’s clients.  Millions of dollars more are expected to be paid to Barrett Law, PLLC’s clients as the processing and prosecution of the firm’s client’s claims continue.
  13. Automobile accident—insurance policy gathering and stacking.  Barrett Law, PLLC was retained by the parents of a teenager who was killed in an automobile accident.  Using innovative legal techniques, the law firm was able to successfully gather and stack various insurance policies, which included the teenager’s parents’ policies, the owner of the vehicle’s policies, and even the insurance policies of the grandparents’ who lived in a nearby town, in order to recover as much as possible for the bereaved parents. 
  14. Barrett Law, PLLC was retained by the family of a person who was killed while living at Ellisville State School (ESS), which is a place run by the State of Mississippi for those of suffer from mental retardation.  The ESS resident, who suffered from spastic quadriplegia, was found with a sock stuffed down her throat.  A bench trial ensued and the judge, after hearing the case, rendered a verdict for the plaintiffs in the amount of $385,000.00.

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