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The Dangers of Black Friday For Motorists in Mississippi

Friday, November 16th, 2012

As we all know the holiday seasons are soon upon us which means that individuals will be traveling from all over to either your home, or you to theirs in order to visit with family and friends, celebrate the holidays and have some time to relax and reflect. Usually, the majority of Americans today turn to driving versus any other form of transportation during these busy times of the year, which means that record numbers of vehicles are on the road all at once. However, aside from the celebrations associated with holidays what are some other factors you need to be concerned, and prepared for this holiday season.

Shop Till You Drop

Black Friday. It is a day that many look forward to each and every year that stands not only as day for many as finally the time to start putting up Christmas decorations, but also that of shopping. Each year the number of Black Friday shoppers not only increases, but seems to multiply due to the amazing amount of deals, and savings. However, this day of deals tends to bring out more than just thrifty savers, but also that of aggressive and erratic driving.

Taking It To The Streets

Last year, dozens of automobile accidents occur Black Friday, which is merely a day after Thanksgiving. Yet, why? On Black Friday the usual mood that fills the air is that of aggression, and competitiveness. Individuals line up, and camp out hours before retail stores open hoping to get an item they have been dying to get their hands on, or simply using deals to their advantage and getting some Christmas shopping out of the way. However, usually, shoppers take their aggression outside of stores and on to the road in order to get from one store to another as quickly as possible.

By having this mindset drivers completely abandon the rules of the road, and a mindset of safety to doing whatever it takes to get from one point to another as quickly as possible. Last year alone, many accidents took place that not only resulted in aggravate shoppers, but also vehicular damages, and serious injuries. Make sure this holiday season, and especially on Black Friday that you consider what the season is truly about. Remember, to keep a safe, and level-headed mindset while on the road regardless of the deals you may not get to indulge in, there is always next year.

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The Issue of Texting While Driving

Monday, November 12th, 2012

Technology today is one aspect of our lives that our parents, and grandparents could have never imagined when they were children. Today, technology has ultimately not only helped us complete tasks that were once very difficult, but also in an easier, and more efficient fashion. One particular area of technology that certainly displays this is that of the cellphone. The cellphone has evolved greatly within the past few decades, which was once a large bulky item is now virtually the size of a credit card. Aside from its size, cellphones now serve more than one function of simply talking to another individual verbally, and now can virtually do anything a computer can.

The Power of Cellphones

However, although cellphones such a positive, and useful purpose in our world today what are the negative aspects of such a great device? The fact is that the majority of our lives are spent behind the wheel of an automobile commuting, running errands, dropping off our loved ones and picking them up, and traveling. In order to accomplish all of these many, and demand aspects of our lives we rely on our vehicles, which in turn, requires that of our focus, and attention.

Cause and Effect

Unfortunately, cellphones detract the attention of an individual greatly, and are the leading cause of automobile accidents today. Although it is in fact illegal to use your cellphone behind the wheel texting or talking, unless with a wireless headset, individuals ignore the laws associated with this and continue to put not only their safety at risk, but also that of all other motorists and pedestrians out there. Yet, how does this actually occur? Situationally, drivers usually get behind the wheel and are either texting a friend, checking one of their many social media outlets, or simply responding to a few emails. In order to do this it requires that they read a prior message that was sent to them, but also type as well as read what they are sending back, which ultimately means they will look at their device and away from the road.

By doing this drivers avert their attention and leave the possibility of an accident highly likely. Make sure when you are on the road that you realize what you number one, ultimate duty is as a driver, which is that of getting from one point to the next safely, with your well-being and others in mind.

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Tragedy and Negligence Go Hand-In-Hand

Monday, November 5th, 2012

In our lives there are many different aspects of it that are constantly changing whether we can expect them, or not. However, we ultimately must come to terms with them, and sooner or later become accustomed to the change, which we then can manage to some degree. Similar to that of the change in our lives is that of the road, which is constantly changing whether it is expanding, the rate of traffic it sees over time, the weather conditions that are present on it, and as well as that of the accidents that easily occur each day.

Understanding Roadway Negligence

Many people do not understand how some automobile accidents occur, especially from the outside looking in they appear to be completely avoidable. In fact, the majority of auto accidents are completely avoidable, but why, in this case, do they keep occurring? Individuals in this day and age get behind the wheel of an automobile in order to travel, however, their travel is not what constantly is their focus while on the road. Today, negligence behind the wheel of a vehicle constitutes for the majority of accidents on the road, which ultimately end with accidents that produce catastrophic damage, injuries, and death with whatever it touches.

What You Can Expect From Negligence

Recently, one case truly highlights what can happen in the blink of an eye when drivers on the road are not putting their attention and care into that of driving. A vehicle was attempting to cross over to another side of a Mississippi highway like many of us do everyday. However, as the vehicle, which had appropriately yielded and waited until the highway seemed safe, it then proceeded to pull into the opposing lane and was struck by a truck. As a result, one female passenger was killed instantly, and the vehicle soon was then engulfed in flames.

With so many variables and possibilities that could occur in a matter of moments while on the road one would think that drivers would remember to keep their safety, and the safety of others as their top priority while behind the wheel of a vehicle. Make sure that safety is constantly on your mind while behind the wheel, and if involved in an auto accident of any kind to seek out an experienced auto accident attorney immediately.

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Automobile Accidents Caused by Adverse Weather Conditions

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

An auto accident can be caused by a multitude of factors, such as product defects associated with vehicles systems or components, driver negligence like drunk or distracted driving and/or a poorly designed roadway.  If you are injured by the negligence of a third party whether another driver, manufacturer of your car or even a public entity, you may have a right to bring a personal injury action for your serious injuries and loss.  Generally, negligence in the context of a Mississippi auto accident is an act or omission that causes a motor vehicle accident which does not conform to a reasonable standard of care to prevent car accidents.  Careless or reckless driving practices including drunk driving, distracted driving, speeding, tailgating or failing to obey traffic signals and laws are common examples.

Adverse weather conditions also are a common cause of Mississippi car accidents and increase the risk of being involved in a serious Mississippi auto accident.  Whether the road is slippery, icy or rain causes a particular glare on the road, extreme weather conditions can impact one’s ability to drive safely. It is widely accepted that in times of hazardous or adverse weather conditions, it is important to exercise extreme caution to avoid the possibility of being involved in a serious Mississippi car accident.

Drivers who do not drive safely for existing weather and road conditions cause many serious Mississippi auto accidents.  Unsafe drivers often drive as if weather conditions are perfect including following too close, speeding and frequently changing lanes.  The more careful you are to protect yourself by slowing down, wearing a seat belt and allowing extra following distance the better chance you have to protect yourself from the negligence of other drivers.

As recently as February of this year, Mississippi was the location of weather related traffic fatalities.  One of these fatal Mississippi car crashes was caused by ice on the road, which resulted in the tragic death of the woman.  Sadly, she was not wearing a seat belt, which might have saved her life.  Other weather related accidents across Mississippi lead to fatal wrecks, gridlock, and drivers getting stranded.  The emotional, physical and financial impact of any car accident can be devastating, but adverse weather, such as rain or fog, often results in a deadly chain reaction car crash.  A recent example involved a tractor-trailer, which crashed into a Jeep during a Colorado snowstorm and caused a multi-car pileup.

It is often difficult to determine who is at-fault in situations where adverse weather becomes a factor in a serious car accident.  The insurance company for the negligent driver may blame the auto accident on the weather and claim that the accident was unavoidable.  This is rarely the case because most weather related car accidents are the result of drivers who fail to properly appreciate the impact of adverse weather conditions and adjust their driving practices accordingly.  Most of us have experienced drivers zooming by in an adjacent lane when visibility is limited by fog or the surface of the roadway is slick because of rain.

Unfortunately there will always be drivers who are unwilling to slow down and be more cautious even when the roadway is wet or visibility is limited.  It is important that every driver employ defensive driving measures, such as driving slowly, using alternate routes, maintaining a safe following distance or simply staying home until the weather passes.

Sometimes serious Mississippi auto accidents will happen no matter how reasonably you drive or what precautions you exercise.  The physical, emotional, and monetary effects that result from a serious Mississippi car accident can be devastating.  You may have a right to compensation for your damages including loss of income, pain and suffering, medical and hospital expenses, permanent disfigurement or disability and other damages.  If you have been injured by a negligent or reckless driver who refuses to respect adverse weather conditions in a Mississippi car accident, the experienced Mississippi auto accident lawyers at the Barrett Law, PLLC to diligently represent those injured in serious Mississippi car accidents.  We can carefully investigate your auto accident and advise you regarding your right to financial compensation for your injuries and loss.

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