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Mississippi Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Highlight Key Facts Riders Should Know before Cruising on Their Bike

Tuesday, July 5th, 2016

Although riding a motorcycle can be exciting, fun, and economical, the inherent safety risks associated with riding necessitates caution and prudence.  Because the roads are filled with distracted, intoxicated, and otherwise careless motorists, the most careful motorcyclists can be involved in a crash.  Given the vulnerability of riders, all motorcycle crashes tend to be fairly dangerous.  Motorcycle accident litigation requires special expertise and knowledge regarding the handling dynamics of a bike, common prejudices harbored against riders, and legal standards that apply specifically to motorcyclists.

Decades of experience has provided the skill and specialized knowledge our Mississippi motorcycle injury lawyers need to succeed in motorcycle crash injury litigation.  We utilize accident reconstruction experts, medical experts, private investigators, and our extensive litigation resources to build a compelling legal claim for our clients.

Proper Safety Gear Should Be Worn: Vehicle occupants in cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs have an array of safety features at their disposal including seat belts, lap belts, airbags, and a reinforced passenger compartment.  Since even a minor motorcycle accident can cause severe injury, proper protective gear is essential.  A helmet can significantly reduce the risk of experiencing traumatic brain injuries which constitute the leading cause of motorcycle fatalities.

Motorcycle Riders Need a Longer Stopping Distance: Because of the lack of stability associated with a two-wheeled vehicle, motorcyclists cannot engage the brakes of their vehicle as aggressively as drivers of passenger cars.  The need to reduce speed while operating a motorcycle less aggressively means that riders must allow for increased braking distance to avoid laying a bike down.

Downshifting Will Result in Reduced Speed: Many people who ride motorcycles suffer serious injury when they are rear-ended by a motorist.  A fair number of motorcycles do not have brake lights that are activated when a rider downshifts.  Riding enthusiasts must be especially aware of motorists who are tailgating because the drivers might not be able to tell the bike’s speed is slowing if the brake lights do not light up.

Minor Road Hazards Can Constitute a Major Problem: Government officials and the media often lament our deteriorating roadways, few travelers face greater danger from our failing infrastructure than motorcyclists.  A minor pothole, cracked or uneven pavement, or another minor road defect that might not even be noticeable to someone in a passenger car can be extremely dangerous to the rider of a two-wheeled vehicle.

Police Accident Reports Often Reflect Bias Against Motorcyclists: While the “outlaw biker” stereotype has become out-of-date, many riders still suffer from lingering negative generalizations about riders being reckless and prone to unsafe practices like speeding.  A potentially bigger issue involves the fact that motorcyclists often suffer injuries that require they be immediately transported to a hospital.  If a motorcyclist is in the emergency room when the officer is investigating the accident and interviewing witnesses, the report often will favor the driver of the passenger car who was available to explain his or her side of the story at the crash scene.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, our Mississippi Motorcycle Accident Lawyers have successfully represented many crash victims in obtaining compensation for their injuries.  At Barrett Law, we are here to help.  Contact our firm today at 800-707-9577 to schedule your free consultation, so we can answer any questions you may have regarding filing your claim.

IIHS Study Reveals the Benefits of ABS Systems in Preventing Fatal Motorcycle Accidents

Friday, February 5th, 2016

Anyone who uses a motorcycle to commute to work or for recreational riding faces an increased risk of being involved in a serious motor vehicle accident and suffering more severe injuries when an accident occurs. While the inherent dangers associated with motorcycles, including handling limitations, stability issues, and lack of protection, are well-documented, many motorcycle enthusiasts do not realize the advantage associated with bikes equipped with antilock brakes.  According to a publication released by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), antilock brake systems (ABS) substantially reduce the risk of being involved in a motorcycle accident.

If you regularly ride a motorcycle, you are aware that the process of breaking in an emergency is more difficult.  Because there are separate controls for both the front and rear brakes, riders face a greater risk of inadvertently locking them up when faced with a road hazard in an emergency.  A driver of a passenger vehicle also might lock up the brakes in an emergency, which can lead to a loss of control of the vehicle.  However, motorcyclists that lock up the brakes can become unbalanced and lay the bike down.  Because of the limited physical protection available to motorcycle riders, many people that are involved in Mississippi motorcycle accidents suffer permanent severe injuries or even wrongful death.

When one is faced with a roadway emergency on a motorcycle, the natural tendency is to panic and fully engage the front or rear brakes or both.  A properly functioning ABS braking system prevents the brakes from locking up by reducing the braking pressure if the wheel is about to stop rotating.  Once traction has been restored, the system increases the pressure to the brakes.  The ABS brake system usually is designed only to engage when slamming on the brakes.

The study by IIHS suggests that motorcycles that are equipped with ABS braking systems are less likely to be involved in traffic collisions and less likely to be involved in accident-related fatalities.  According to the report, accident related fatalities are 37 percent lower for motorcycles equipped with ABS brake systems.  The study also found that accident claims are filed 22 percent less often for motorcycles with ABS as opposed to those not equipped with ABS systems.

ABS technology benefits motorcycle enthusiasts of all skill levels.  ABS brakes can assist inexperienced motorcycle riders that lack experience with hard braking on a motorcycle when faced with a road hazard.  The braking system also benefits experienced riders that travel on roadways that are slicker than they appear.  A study conducted by the Austrian Road Safety Board found that ABS systems reduce stopping distance for both new and experienced motorcycle enthusiasts.

If you or your loved one is injured in a traffic collision, you are invited to contact the experienced motorcycle accident lawyers at Barrett Law to learn how we can help.  Our Mississippi Motorcycle Crash Injury Lawyers have been representing accident victims throughout Mississippi for over 75 years.  We offer personalized legal representation and zealous advocacy.  We provide a free initial case evaluation so call us today at (800) 707-9577.  No Recovery No Fee!

Dispelling the Myth Motorcycle Helmets Contribute to Neck and Spine Injuries

Wednesday, December 9th, 2015

Motorcyclists in Mississippi face a heightened risk of collisions and catastrophic injuries or fatalities.  Motorcycles are inherently more dangerous than a passenger vehicle because of their lack of stability, small margin for error, and complete absence of structural protection for riders.  Given the heightened risk posed to those who ride motorcycles, it is widely acknowledged by most safety experts that a motorcycle helmet is an indispensable item of safety gear for any rider.

Head injuries are the most common cause of catastrophic injuries and fatalities resulting from motorcycle crashes.  Government data reveals that a rider who is not wearing a helmet is 40 percent more likely to suffer a fatal head injury according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).  When calculated on the basis of miles driven, a rider involved in a motorcycle accident is 37 times more likely to be killed in an accident than a passenger vehicle occupant.

Despite this data and general acceptance of the safety benefits provided by motorcycle helmets, there are those who contend that motorcycle helmets actually increase the risk of serious injuries to the neck and spine.  However, research in recent years debunks the myth that motorcycle helmets increase the risk of these types of injuries.  A recent study not only confirms that helmets do not raise the risk of injury to the spine and neck but also indicates that helmets actually reduce the risk of cervical spinal injuries.

The study reported in the Journal of the American College of Surgeons is significant because a number of states have repealed universal helmet laws based on concerns about the relationship between helmets and neck injuries.  This legislative trend has been partially based on a small isolated study conducted almost three decades ago that indicated motorcycle helmets might increase the risk of neck injuries.

The NHTSA has long criticized the methodology and reliability of the earlier study.  Motorcycle accident experts also have pointed out that motorcycle helmet standards have improved substantially since the earlier study.  Because helmets manufactured today are lighter and more durable, they provide enhanced protection against head trauma with less stress on the neck and spine.  The Journal of American College of Surgeons study reveals that a person involved in a motorcycle accident who is wearing a helmet is 22 percent less likely to experience a cervical spine injury.  The conclusions were based on analysis of data from over 40,000 motorcycle accidents.

As motorcycle helmet laws have been repealed, there has been a predictable increase in motorcycle-related injuries and fatalities.  During the last 14-year period, there has been an increase in motorcycle accident related injuries by about 5,000 per year while motorcycle accident fatalities have doubled according to NHTSA data.  This trend is directly correlated with the repeal of mandatory helmet laws in many states.  Hopefully, studies that debunk misconceptions about specious safety risks associated with motorcycle helmets will encourage legislators to review the appropriateness of universal helmet laws.

Our Mississippi Motorcycle Accident Attorneys see the tragic consequences of riding motorcycles without the benefit of a helmet all too often, so we encourage all motorcyclists to wear a helmet at all times.  At Barrett Law, we understand motorcycle accident victims often feel overwhelmed, and we are here to help.  Contact our firm today at (800) 707-9577 to schedule your free consultation.  We can evaluate your right to financial compensation.





Mississippi Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Discuss Threat Posed by Distracted Drivers

Monday, November 30th, 2015

Although drivers who multi-task while driving present as significant a threat of causing collisions as intoxicated drivers, many motorists who condemn the practice of driving drunk fiddle with their vehicle’s “infotainment” center or text on a cell phone.  One study that reflects the disconnect between attitudes and actions involving distracted driving found that 36 percent of respondents considered texting or talking on a cell phone to pose the greatest roadway safety risk.  Nonetheless, almost half of those drivers (45 percent) admitted to having made a serious driving mistake while talking on their phone.  Inattentive drivers who divert their concentration, eyes, and hands from exclusively focusing on the safe operation of their vehicle are responsible for a growing number of crashes, permanent disabling injuries, and wrongful deaths.  While distracted driving is dangerous to occupants of all types of vehicles, motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable to injury from this unsafe practice.


The national scope of the distracted driving epidemic can hardly be overstated given the overwhelming popularity of portable electronic devices and their frequent use by motorists.  The study referenced above found that 7 in 10 drivers reported having been hit or nearly hit by a motorist who was talking on a cell phone.  These reports indicating the scope of the distracted driving problem are supported by actual injury-accident data.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicates that approximately nine people die and another 1,153 people are injured in distracted driving crashes daily throughout the U.S.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that nearly one in five crashes on a national basis is caused by a driver who is dividing his or her attention while driving.


While multi-tasking drivers present a danger to occupants of all types of vehicles, the risk to motorcyclists is greater than individuals traveling in passenger cars.  Motorcyclists face a much greater risk of being involved in a collision because bikes are less visible given their relatively small size.  The more diminutive size of a bike permits riders to travel in areas of the roadway that a passenger car driver might not expect a vehicle to fit, which also contributes to the tendency of drivers not to notice a motorcyclist.  When a driver is looking down to read a text message or rubbernecking at an accident on the shoulder of the roadway, this tendency not to observe the presence of a motorcycle significantly increases.

Distracted motorists also magnifies the vulnerability of riding enthusiasts related to the natural limitations of a bike.  When motorists reach over to mop up a spilled beverage, the tendency to drift into an adjacent lane occupied by a bike can force a motorcyclist’s response that cannot be completed safely because of the lack of stability associated with operating a two-wheeled vehicle.  Since motorcycles lack the protection from injury associated with passenger cars, such as a reinforced passenger compartment, safety restraints, and air bags, the severity of injury caused by drivers who are inattentive also tend to be more serious than those suffered by occupants of cars, trucks, and SUVs.

Although distracted driving often constitutes a basis for determining a driver is negligent, most drivers who cause accidents while diverting their attention from the road do not admit to their unsafe driving practice.  Our Mississippi Motorcycle Accident Lawyers routinely subpoena phone records to investigate possible phone texting and talking activity immediately prior to and during a collision. Contact our firm today at 800.707.9577 to schedule your free consultation, so we can evaluate your situation and discuss your right to financial compensation.

Recent Mississippi Motorcycle Accident Highlights a Common Danger for Motorcyclists

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

A fatal motorcycle accident occurred in Aurora, Mississippi on July 21, 2014 when a motorcyclist was thrown from his bike after a car turned into his lane.  The crash occurred on East Mississippi Avenue at about 6:20 p.m.  Police state that the motorcyclist, who has not yet been identified, was traveling west in the right lane of East Mississippi Avenue when a silver car turned left in front of him.  The motorcyclist did not have time to stop before he hit the passenger side of the car.  The rider, who was not wearing a helmet, was thrown over the car and onto the roadway.  He died shortly afterwards in the hospital.  The driver of the car was not injured and at this time police do not believe intoxication or excessive speed were involved in the accident.

One of the most dangerous situations for motorcyclists is cars making left hand turns.  Left hand turn accidents account for over 40 percent of all accidents between cars and motorcycles.  Most often, the car hits the motorcycle when the motorcycle is traveling straight through an intersection.  Sometimes left hand turn accidents happen when the motorcycle is attempting to pass the car.  In left hand turn accidents, the driver of the car, truck, or SUV is almost always found liable because he or she negligently turned into the motorcyclist.  The driver generally did not observe the motorcyclist due, in part, to the motorcyclist’s lesser visibility.  This is often compounded by poor lighting or weather conditions, driver distraction, intoxication, or excessive speed.  Drivers can ensure they never injure a motorcyclist in this manner by always checking all their blind spots before making a left hand turn.

Left hand turn accidents are just one common type of motorcycle accident.  Another accident that frequently occurs is head-on collisions.  Head-on motorcycle crashes account for 56 percent of all fatal accidents involving a motorcyclist and an automobile.  Most of these accidents involve the motorcycle being hit from the front by a car, truck, or SUV. Given the lesser protections afforded the motorcyclist, head-on accidents sadly lead to hundreds of fatalities a year.

Distracted driving has become a common cause of motorcycle accidents.  Though distracted drivers are a threat to all road users, motorcyclists are especially at risk due to their smaller size and lesser visibility.  Drivers who are not paying attention to the road ahead because they are texting, talking on the phone, emailing, tending to children or pets, or engaging in like distracted behaviors, may not see an approaching motorcycle.

Alcohol use is yet another frequent cause of car accidents.  Driving a motorcycle or a motor vehicle while impaired is dangerous, leading to reckless behaviors such as speeding, swerving, passing, and overall poor judgment.

Anyone injured in a motorcycle accident should consult a licensed motorcycle accident attorney as soon as possible after the crash.  It is vital that evidence be collected early on to help preserve your later case.

Barrett Law PLLC: Mississippi Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Seeking Justice for Our Injured Clients

Motorcycle accidents can result in serious injuries, including broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, neck injuries, and paralysis.  Those injured in a motorcycle accident require the assistance of an experienced motorcycle accident attorney who will ensure they receive the compensation they deserve to cover losses that often include medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. For over 75 years, the Mississippi Motorcycle Accident Attorneys at Barrett Law PLLC have fought for the recovery of motorcycle accident victims. To schedule your free initial consultation, call Barrett Law PLLC today at 1 (800) 707-9577.  We look forward to providing you with excellence of legal services.


Negligence Another Hazard For Motorcycle Operators In Mississippi

Monday, May 19th, 2014

It is no secret that riding a motorcycle presents its share of hazards. Motorcycle operators need to be just as conscious of other drivers as they are of the road ahead. However, just because a motorcycle accident occurs does not mean the motorcycle operator is at fault. Quite often, it is automobile drivers who are responsible for accidents involving motorcycles.

It is an unfortunate reality that motorcycle accidents continue to take place every year.  According to the National Department of Transportation, motorcycle fatalities saw a 7 percent increase in 2012. During that same year, a total of 4,956 people were killed in motorcycle crashes, while 93,000 people were injured.

One of the reasons for that increase is due to the recent rash of warmer temperatures. High temperatures invite more motorcycle enthusiasts out on the open road. Helmet laws also contribute to the growing number of motorcycle-related injuries. Nevertheless, in the state of Mississippi, helmets are required when riding a motorcycle. There are other statewide restrictions that are not as strict. Those lack of restrictions often contribute to the high number of crashes every year. Some of those looser restrictions are as follows:

  • No restrictions on handlebar height
  • No restrictions on helmet speakers
  • No required mirrors on right or left side
  • No required turn signals
  • No required eye protection

While those lack of restrictions pose potential harm to a motorcycle operator, they also provide them with leverage in a pending case. Motorists are responsible for a significant number of motorcycle accidents every year. Injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents range from minor to catastrophic. Some of the most common motorcycle injuries are as follows:

  • Broken bones
  • Neck injuries
  • Head injuries
  • Road burns

Helmets aim to reduce injuries as do other other riding accessories such as a riding jacket, gloves and other safety gear. Yet, there are still many hazards on every road that keep motorcycle riders vulnerable. Even in light traffic, the following hazards can pose a threat to motorcycle operators:

  • Decreased visibility – Cars can be seen much more clearly than motorcycles. Intersections, traffic and other cars can often hide motorcycles from other vehicles.
  • Hazards on the road – Debris and other objects in the road may be a mere speed bump for cars, but pose a more serious threat to motorcycles.
  • Lack of protective barrier – Drivers of cars are protected by the metal of a door, whereas motorcycle operators have nothing but the wind at their side.
  • Reduced stability – It is fact of science that four wheels are more stable than two. Motorcycles have only two wheels and their stability dims in comparison to that of cars.

These hazards make it easier for car operators to neglect motorcycles on the road. While many hazards could contribute to a crash, the primary reason car operators are responsible for motorcycle accidents is because of negligence. Mississippi law requires vehicle operators drive in a reasonably careful manner. If a person’s driving conduct is believed to have caused injuries, there is sufficient evidence to file a negligence claim.

Motorcycles have to be mindful of all the hazards that can cause them harm. They also need to be on the lookout for negligent drivers. That kind of negligence can bring victims financial compensation, but it can also make for a painful experience and grueling recovery.

If someone else’s negligence has caused you some kind of injury, the seasoned Mississippi Motorcycle Accident Attorney at Barrett Law PLLC can help you build a case. We can also seek out the financial compensation you deserve. Our experienced legal team will help you through the entire legal process and find  the best strategy to bring you justice. For a free and confidential consultation, contact one of our knowledgeable associates at (800) 707-9577.

Fatal Accident Ends With Death of Motorcyclist

Thursday, October 18th, 2012

One aspect of our lives that we heavily depend on is that of automobiles. In order to get our daily tasks, duties, and errands completed and done so in a timely manner we have to get behind the wheel of a vehicle and get on the road. From dropping the kids off at school, running to the office, or picking up the milk from the grocery store much of our daily lives is spent on the road attempting to get these and other errands accomplished. However, the road and driving also holds another aspect of our world, which is that of accidents.

Motorcycles On The Road Today

Today, many individuals not only in Mississippi, but other states own and operate motorcycles. In the past, motorcycles have been associated with danger and accidents on the road for many different reasons that all primarily deal with the actual individual operating a motorcycle. Usually, those individuals on motorcycles exhibit negligent and erratic driving behavior by weaving in and out of lines, going far above the speed limit, and disregarded traffic signs, and signals. While motorcyclists are primarily looked at the cause of some auto accidents in some cases they can easily be the innocent, and injured victims.

A Common Case Producing Common, Devastating Results

Recently, a motorcyclist was heading down the highway on a seemingly normal Mississippi Fall day. The 62 year-old cyclists was operating correctly in his lane when he was struck by a pick-up truck and thrown off of his vehicle. The pick-up truck at the time did not notice the cyclist and attempted to make a left turn, and in turn struck the cyclist. Emergency response units were called to the scene were they pronounced the 62 year-old cyclist dead. While these circumstances and cases are unfortunate they can occur every day whether you believe it or not.

While accidents are common in our lives the results are not always the same especially when they occur on the road. When you, or a loved one has been involved in an automobile accident of any kind whether or not it resulted in damage to your vehicle, or injuries were sustained you need an experienced, and dedicated automobile attorney by your side from start to finish.

At Barrett Law, our experienced Mississippi personal injury lawyers represent injury victims throughout Mississippi.  Our law firm has roots that reach back 75 years so contact us today for your free initial consultation at (662) 834-2376 to see how we can help.

Where Motorcycles Stand In Automobile Related Accidents

Thursday, October 4th, 2012

Transportation is a common aspect of life for everyone no matter what his or her location in the world is. Today, many individuals are relying, and putting their trust in automobiles to help get this job done, especially in order to keep up with our daily, and hectically busy lives. While some would rather operate a car, or a SUV others turn to motorcycles. Many individuals purchase and operate motorcycles for different reasons, which range from fuel efficiency, style, to that of just personal preference and convenience.

Evaluating Motorcycles

While motorcycles certainly can keep their own in many categories of the road, can they also do so when it comes down to safety? Today, motorcycle accidents not only occur all over the United States, but also occur every single day. Unfortunately, many motorcycle accidents end with the vehicle operator receiving fatal injuries, or are killed due to either the impact, or as a result of their total amount of injuries. Many results of a motorcycle accident also depend on whether or not an individual was wearing a helmet or not, which can help reduce some trauma to their head, and neck.

Cause, and Effect of Motorcycle-Automobile Accidents

Yet, when it comes down to a motorcycle involved in an accident with another automobile that is either a car, SUV, or truck what can you expect? Recently, a three-vehicle accident occurred on highway 49 that involved two automobiles, and a motorcycle. The accident resulted from the front vehicle slowing down in order to allow another vehicle to pass into their lane. However, by doing so the vehicle behind them, who was not properly paying attention, collided with the vehicle, which then caused the motorcyclist behind the vehicles to collide as a result of not being able to properly slow down. As a result, the motorcyclist received fatal injuries and was airlifted to a medical center for evaluation, and care.

Today, the motorcyclist is still alive and recovering from his injuries, which is certainly a blessing in itself. Unfortunately, the majority of motorcycle-automobile accidents do not end with just injuries for motorcyclists, who are usually killed as a result. Make sure to always practice proper safety techniques, and follow the law and rules of the road in order to not only increase your safety, but other drivers as well.

If you suffer any of these serious injuries because of an anesthesia mistake, our experienced Mississippi anesthesia medical malpractice lawyers are committed to assisting victims of substandard medical care obtain the financial compensation to rebuild their lives.  At Barrett Law, our experienced Mississippi personal injury lawyers represent injury victims throughout Mississippi.  Our law firm has roots that reach back 75 years so contact us today for your free initial consultation at (662) 834-2376 to see how we can help.

Are Pricey Vehicles Really Protecting Drivers?

Monday, September 24th, 2012

In our lives today we work hard for the money that we earn whether it is mowing lawns and doing yard work as a teenager, or being adult with a full-fledged career. We put long, and many hours of our day into our work, whether we enjoy it or not, in order to make sure we have that coveted paycheck coming in as it is suppose to. While some individuals enjoy saving we now as a society are very into spending our money on items that we truly want, and work hard to deserve.

Pretty, or Problem?

One item that many individuals either save up to afford, or make monthly payments is that of a vehicle. Today, many people are turning to more expensive name brand vehicles with the money that they work hard to bring it. Although this vehicles certainly know how to make an impression, and are very luxurious are they actually protecting you from accidents, or the road itself?

How Tests Prove The Value of Your Purchase

Recently, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety released a study showing a few figures that consumers, or car buyers may need to know before writing that check for your luxury class vehicle. The study took eleven 2012 model year luxury vehicles from different companies and tested their safety. However, the study concluded that eight out of the eleven scored “poorly” within the test, which is well over half.

Yet, why is this? The study tested multiple types of crashes with different impacts and then recorded the results as they occurred. The test included different collisions such as low-impact, front, side, back, and high-impact collisions. The study concluded that the “crush zones” of these vehicles were not built sturdy enough, and broke easily with almost any blunt impact. Today, these luxury automobile companies are currently working on these “crush zones” to handle more impact than before, but you could not see, or hear about it for another 10 years due to entire body schematics having to be redone completely.

Although we tend to go for the more luxury type of vehicles make sure to check into the safety of the vehicle as well.

If you suffer any of these serious injuries because of an anesthesia mistake, our experienced Mississippi anesthesia medical malpractice lawyers are committed to assisting victims of substandard medical care obtain the financial compensation to rebuild their lives.  At Barrett Law, our experienced Mississippi personal injury lawyers represent injury victims throughout Mississippi.  Our law firm has roots that reach back 75 years so contact us today for your free initial consultation at (662) 834-2376 to see how we can help.

Fact: Helmet Laws Pertaining To Motorcycles Save Lives

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

When it comes down to safety we as a society are gearing more towards safety awareness and what we can do in order to avoid an accident. Today, safety warnings, and procedures are every where that you can think of whether it is on your microwave, on your gas tank, or even on some of your electronic devices; it is everywhere. However, also when it comes down to safety we are putting even more emphasis than ever on it and individuals on the road, especially when it comes down to that of motorcycles.

The Facts of Motorcycles

Typically, when we think of motorcycles we tend to jump to many stereotypes pertaining to the type of individuals who own, and drive these motor vehicles as well as their idea of safety. In the past, motorcycle safety has not been a large concern, but within the past decade has increased drastically. Today, all of the states within the United States now require motorcycle drivers and passengers to wear a safety helmet at all times while on these vehicles, which is punishable by the law. Yet, are these helmet laws pertaining to motorcycles actually doing any good out on the road?

“Stylin” Versus Safety

In the past, when the majority of states did not enforce motorcycle safety with that of helmet laws motorcycle accidents usually ended with a death, or severe injuries that would leave an individual affected for the rest of their life. These accidents also took a toll on the economy costing millions in health care, therapy, and road crews in order to clean up the accident that took place. However, since helmet laws have become active and required throughout the United States not only has the mortality rate decreased correlated to that of motorcycle accidents, but also motorcycle accidents as a whole?

Remember, when on a motorcycle regardless of whether you are operating the vehicle, or are the passenger make sure to wear a helmet at all times while on a motorcycle. However, when you are involved in a motorcycle accident you need an experienced auto accident attorney on your side in order to fight for your rights, your case, and your life from start to finish.

If you suffer any of these serious injuries because of an anesthesia mistake, our experienced Mississippi anesthesia medical malpractice lawyers are committed to assisting victims of substandard medical care obtain the financial compensation to rebuild their lives.  At Barrett Law, our experienced Mississippi personal injury lawyers represent injury victims throughout Mississippi.  Our law firm has roots that reach back 75 years so contact us today for your free initial consultation at (662) 834-2376 to see how we can help.