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Mississippi Farm Accidents Frequently Lead to Devastating Amputation Injuries

Friday, April 15th, 2011

Many types of serious accidents in a wide array of industries can lead to amputation, but farming ranks among the top three industries for these permanent and life-changing injuries.  Accidents that happen while engaged in farm operations are twice as likely to end up in amputations than in any other industry.   An astounding eleven percent of farming accidents involves amputation.

While most people understand the devastating emotional and physical impact of Kansas farming accidents that result in amputations of a limb, people sometimes do not give as much consideration to the enormous financial cost to the victim and his or her family.  Amputations are costly in a number of ways.  Aside from the fact that someone’s life is changed forever physically and emotionally, the cost to the person in terms of lost work and the medical costs for a full recovery will easily exceed six figures.  Hospital stays for people who undergo amputation can cost approximately $500 to $1000 a day while the cost of prosthetic limbs easily reach $20,000.  The staggering cost of surgery and rehabilitative therapy can be hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Amputation accidents that occur while farming are often the result of the negligence of other workers, inadequate training, lack of safety devices or gear and faulty unsafe equipment.  Accidents while engaged in Kansas farming can occur in a variety of setting, and some common examples include:

  • Clothes or loose accessories may become entangled in moving machinery and pull a limb inside the apparatus.
  • Limbs become entrapped in machinery that is designed to grab and pull because there are no guards on them, and the machines are not shut down before the person works around them.
  • Crush accidents can be caused by heavy equipment, which initially causes internal damage to the body part making it necessary to have the body part amputated or removed.
  • A wound can get infected because it is not cleaned properly so that it cannot be saved because the infection spreads and continues to worsen.
  • Equipment that is defective can malfunction causing injury to the operator.
  • Unsafe working conditions maintained by an employer can create an environment where serious injuries can occur.
  • Improper training by a company or employer can put employees in dangerous situations where they can lose a limb.

Both experienced and the inexperienced farm workers can suffer farm accident amputation injuries due to negligence by another party.  If you feel that your injuries that resulted in amputation were a result of another’s negligence or defective farm equipment, then you should consult with an experienced team of Mississippi farm injury attorneys to see what damages you may be able to recover.