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Mississippi Automobile Accident Attorneys Talk About the Dangers of DUI

Friday, August 4th, 2017

All automobile crashes have the potential to cause serious injury, death, and lots of property damage. DUI crashes are no exception, and one recent wreck shows just how damaging a DUI crash can be. A young man is now partially paralyzed after a wreck that occurred when authorities believe he was driving under the influence of alcohol.

The crash happened at about three in the morning, and witnesses report that the vehicle was speeding before the wreck. They also reported that the driver ran a stop sign before turning a corner and colliding with a house. The collision made the car catch fire, and the house also caught fire.

Two good Samaritans had been following the vehicle and saw the crash. They pulled the man from the burning car and got him to safety, across the road from the house.  The two men that were inside the house when the accident happened thought that the crashing noise was an earthquake until they saw the vehicle in the house. They also waited across the street as the car and house burned. The garage and two front rooms got damaged by the blaze and the new living room furniture that the homeowner had purchased burned in the fire.

The good Samaritans who witnessed the crash mentioned above may have saved the driver’s life. If you see a car crash, there are things that you can do to help, even if you cannot stop at the accident scene or you are unsure whether it is safe to get out of the car. If you see an accident, find a phone and call for help right away. Every second matter when it comes to getting emergency service personnel to an accident scene. One or both of the vehicles could be on fire or leaking gasoline or some other flammable material, all of which create significant risks to life and health. Also, one or more people could be hurt, and it is critical that they get medical attention as soon as possible. Sometimes, an accident might look like no big deal. However, remember that it is better to be safe than sorry and call for help even if the accident looks like it caused no damage or injuries.

After you have called for help, if your vehicle or other vehicles are on the roadway and you can move any of them safely to the shoulder, you should do so. Getting vehicles out of the flow of traffic reduces the chance of other vehicles colliding with them and creating additional injuries and damage. If you or anyone else who is at the accident scene has flares, cones, or reflectors, place them in the roadway to get the attention of drivers passing by. You might find that it is necessary to have someone direct traffic around the wreck to keep traffic moving and keep the area clear for emergency vehicles to arrive. When emergency personnel arrive, help them by following any instructions that they give you.

Barrett Law PLLC:  Help for Victims of Mississippi Car Accidents

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The Facts of Driving Under The Influence in Mississippi

Friday, November 30th, 2012

In our lives mistakes are bound to occur not only one and a while, but for the most of us pretty much every single day. Mistakes ultimately vary, which is dependent on the severity of the incident such as that of spilling milk, or colliding with another automobile. Either way, one thing is certain, mistakes in general carry a common bond, and variable, which is that of consequences, which are obviously dependent on how serious a mistake truly is. While some mistakes just simply result in us receiving a slap on the wrist others can impact our present, and future for years to come.

What Is Driving Under The Influence?

One mistake that individuals make today is that of driving under the influence. Yet, what does it actually mean to drive under the influence, and also, what can you expect from doing so? When an individual is said to be driving under the influence it means that they are “intoxicated” while behind the wheel either from alcohol, prescription medication, drugs, or other substances. When a driver is under the influence and behind the wheel of a vehicle they not only put their welfare and safety in danger, but also everyone else around them.

However, what can you actually expect legally to have to deal with when found to be driving under the influence. Many times, the consequences associated with a DUI are quite dependent on not only the severity of the crime, but also what substance was found to be the contributor to the incident. With alcohol, many consequences and penalties depend on an individual’s blood alcohol content, or BAC, score. For other drugs, depending on whether they are deemed to be legal, or illegal substances then puts different charges in the ring of penalties for an individual to have to deal with.

Ultimately, when you are charged, and/or later convicted of a DUI crime you face consequences that not only impact your life now, and later, but also the lives of your loved ones who now have to alter their plans, and dreams in order to help take care of your situation, and your new dependency. Make sure that when you are charged with a DUI of any kind to contact an experienced, and dedicated DUI attorney today.

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Underage Drinking: The Dangers At Hand In Mississippi

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

Growing is one aspect of our lives that we all have to deal with in some mannerism or form. From physically growing from the small stature of a child to finally becoming an adult, we not only death with the actual physical growth of age, but also the emotional, intellectual, and responsible aspects of life that age brings with it as well. One point in our lives that tends to be different for everyone in some way is that of adolescence and our teenage years. While some were deemed part of the “popular” clique others of us were found during halftime marching with the band. However, despite whatever our social affiliation was during this time one variable seemed to remain constant in all of these groups back and yesteryear, and still today, which is that of alcohol.

Alcohol has been one factor in many generations to be seen in within teenager years. The majority of the time teenage alcohol consumption, which is illegal for anyone under the age of 21 within the United States, stems from that of peer pressure. Regardless of the fact that it is illegal, or what brings it about, teenagers in the past, and still today are not only getting their hands on alcohol, but also consuming it and in unsafe, dangerous quantities.

The Expectations That Follow

While some consequences of underage alcohol consumption can include binge drinking which leads to alcohol poison, or trouble with the law, another aspect it brings to the table is that of drinking and driving. Driving under the influence laws are a bit different for those under the age of 21. For those under the age of 21 it is illegal to have a blood alcohol content (BAC) at all. While some states do vary and allow a slight score of 0.02 percent, many today are not allowing it, period.

Teenagers, and those under the legal age of consumption already have a tough enough time driving as it is, but when alcohol comes into the mix can be dangerous not only for themselves, but everyone and everything around them. Make sure that you talk to your teenage, or underage loved ones about alcohol and not only the legal aspects that are associated with it, but also if they did make the poor decision of drinking what they should do in order to be safe, out of harms way, and especially off of the road.

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Understanding That of A DUI Crime

Thursday, November 22nd, 2012

Mistakes are one aspect of our lives that can be seen literally almost every day. Whether we face the issue of spilling our coffee on the way to work, arriving late to an important meeting, or maybe simply trip and stumble on our way out the door we not only deal with our actually mistakes and the accident itself, but also the consequences that erupt from them. Usually, one can easily see that consequences of a mistake in most cases are determined by the severity of the mistake itself. So, what can you expect from participating in a DUI crime?

What Is A DUI?

A DUI, or driving under the influence, crime is something that can be seen all throughout the country. In most cases we associate alcohol to be the main contributor in DUI crimes, but it, however, is not the only substance that can cause an individual to drive under the influence. When an individual takes some prescription medications, uses drugs, or also that of illegal substances they also can be seen driving under the influence. When an individual drives under the influence they are not operating their vehicle, or holding their safety in a proper state of mind.

What You Can Expect

By committing this crime individuals not only put their lives at risk, but also other vehicle operators and pedestrians alike as well. When you are found to be driving with either a blood alcohol content, or BAC, high than that of 0.08, or test positive for drugs you will be charged with a DUI crime. The legal consequences that follow that of a DUI charge, and later conviction include, but are not limited to that of: license suspension, jail time, probation, community service, required involvement in substance abuse programs, and expensive legal fines. Personally, an individual who is charged, or convicted with a DUI crime can easily lose child custody, deal with risen insurance rates, be terminated of their employment, and ultimately be hindered from future opportunities as well.

Make sure when you have either had just a little too much to drink, or have taken some medicine to help you with that seasonal illness that you stay off the road, and rely on a friend, or family member to get you from one place to the next. Ultimately, by doing so, you not only are protecting your life now, but also your future as well.

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What You Can Expect From A DUI

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

Accidents and mistakes are one aspect of our life that is inevitable. Although we try hard the majority of the time and strive for perfection, most of the time, it simply is just not an attainable, or realistic goal. However, by striving to great in most cases we usually end up doing a fairly decent job. Yet, the big issue with mistakes and, or accidents is not only the fact that we cannot predict when and how they will occur, but also what will result from them. One mistake that individuals today make on a daily basis is that of driving while under the influence.

Driving under the influence is not only considered a very serious, and dangerous crime, but also one that can affect your life from the moment it happens until the end. When a driver consumes alcohol and gets behind the wheel of the car they are setting out on probably the biggest mistake of their lives. While on the road, those drivers who are under the influence have erratic, and unpredictable driving patterns that include speeding, tailgating, failure to follow traffic signs and signals, and of course, automobile accidents.

DUIs: Now, and Later

In many instance, when automobile accidents do occur as a result of driving under the influence not only the intoxicated driver, but other innocent vehicle operators as well can receive serious injuries, or be killed. Legally, an individual can expect a whirlwind of issues to affect them now, and later down the road as well. Aside from paying numerous and expensive fines individuals can also expect possible jail time, license suspension, probation, required participation in post-DUI rehabilitative programs, or institutions, and the fact that a DUI charge or conviction will be on your record for the rest of your life. By having this smudge on your record individuals can easily not be employed, terminated of their employment, and easily lose child custody.

When you are charged of a DUI crime it is highly advised that you seek out an experienced, and understanding attorney to help you fight your case legally, and swiftly. Without one, you can easily expect to deal with your mistake, and its consequences for the rest of your life.

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Thanksgiving Travel Requires Caution to Avoid Drunken Driving Accidents

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

Despite the high cost of fuel and challenging financial environment, people throughout Mississippi have set out for Thanksgiving travel throughout the state.  Holiday periods typically present both the highest number of travelers occupying our streets and highways and also substantial spikes in accident rates.  The combination of more vehicles on the road, driver fatigue from traveling long distances and alcohol associated with Thanksgiving parties can present a perfect storm of serious accident risks.  At Barrett Law, we want to remind Thanksgiving travelers to be safe and take extra caution when on the road during this long holiday weekend.

Thanksgiving is a common travel holiday that sees many serious accidents caused by drunken drivers. Approximately forty million people will travel in excess of fifty miles this weekend with ninety percent of those travelers navigating streets, highways and interstates across the United States.  The day before Thanksgiving is the second leading party night of the year.  It is hardly surprising that the Thanksgiving holiday weekend exceeds all other holiday periods for fatal drunken driving accidents.  Travelers should take safe routes, travel during the day when possible, get plenty of rest prior to driving and take frequent breaks.

Although law enforcement attempts to step up enforcement of DUI laws during holiday periods with DUI checkpoints, many alcohol-related accidents still occur.  An intoxicated driver poses a significant risk to everyone else on the road because of the impact of alcohol on one’s driving ability. While many drivers under the influence of alcohol report believing that they are more effective drivers when intoxicated, drunken driving impairs drivers in the following ways:

  • Impairs judgment and decision-making
  • Slows reaction time for braking and steering
  • Reduces coordination
  • Adversely affects vision and depth perception
  • Distorts perception of speed and distance

If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident with a drunken driver you may not only file a personal injury lawsuit based on negligence, but you may also seek punitive damages.  Punitive damages are designed to punish particularly offensive conduct that shows a conscious disregard for the safety of others and discourage such conduct in the future.  Frequently, punitive damage awards exceed the amount of all other types of damages in a personal injury lawsuit.

At Barrett Law, we believe traffic fatalities caused by drunken drivers are both needless and tragic. We are committed to seeking justice for the victims of drunk drivers and to diligently pursuing the best possible outcome for those victims.  We invite you to contact us so that we can evaluate your Mississippi car accident claim and advise you of your rights and options.  Call us at 662-834-2376.

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Drunk Driving in Mississippi: Ignition Interlock Devices Can Save Lives

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

Many states including Mississippi use a combination of strategies to reduce the risk of serious injuries and fatalities caused by drunk drivers. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that millions of people drive under the influence of alcohol annually. Drunk driving claims the lives of approximately 300 people annually in Mississippi with thousands more suffering serious injury.

The issues of preventing repeat DUI offenders is critical because most DUI accidents that result in serious injury or fatalities do not involve first time DUI offenders or those that are very occasional social drinkers. A few statistics regarding the rate of repeat DUI offenses make the problem clear:

• One-third of all DUI convictions involves repeat offenders.
• A drunk driver typically drives drunk 87 times before being arrested.
• Repeat DUI offenders are four times more likely to be involved in an accident with high BAC.
• Drunk drivers that are repeat offender are 1.4 times more likely to be involved in a fatal accident than a first time offender.

While the statistics regarding DUI repeat offenders is disturbing, this data suggest that the best way to address the problem of drunk driving accidents resulting in fatalities and catastrophic injuries is to discourage repeat offenders. DUI policy should be developed to keep drivers with a history of DWI from offending again and support high visibility enforcement of impaired driving laws.

The reality is that those who are repeat DUI offenders pose a substantial risk of causing fatal DUI accidents. It is far too easy to dismiss the risk of being involved in a DUI related accident as a theoretical problem that is unlikely to touch one personally, but one in three persons will be involved in a drunk driving accident during their lifetime.

One of the most effective methods of preventing drunk drivers from re-offending is use of ignition interlock systems. An ignition interlock device is a mechanism, like a breathalyzer, installed on a vehicle dashboard. A driver must exhale into the device before the engine of the vehicle can be started. If the breath sample has a blood alcohol concentration of above a specified amount, usually .02 to .04 percent, the engine cannot be started. The device will also require a periodic breath sample while the driver is traveling. If the sample is not provided in time or the sample exceeds the limit, the device will record the event and set off an alarm until the vehicle engine is turned off.

Ignition interlock devices have been found to be more effective then prison, fines, license suspension and other methods of preventing drunk driving. Statistics indicate that ignition interlock devices reduce the risk of repeat offenses by those convicted of DUI by 67 percent. Drivers with ignition interlocks are involved in fewer alcohol-related accidents than drivers whose driver’s license is suspended following a DUI conviction. Some studies indicate that almost 40 percent of all drivers continue driving after their license is suspended for DUI.

While ignition interlock devices have helped reduce the number of drunk driving fatalities, many Mississippi residents are still injured and killed in accidents with drunk drivers each year. At the Barrett Law Office, our experienced Mississippi drunk driving accident attorneys, represent drunken driving victims and their families throughout Mississippi. Our experienced Mississippi DUI accident attorneys offer a free initial case evaluation so call us today at (662) 834-2376 so that we can fight for the compensation that you deserve.