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Mississippi Whistleblower Attorneys Discuss the Double Impact of the Wells Fargo Whistleblower Case

Wednesday, November 30th, 2016

Multiple people allege that they were fired by financial giant Wells Fargo after they spoke up against the company regarding concerns that they had that the firm was engaging in fraudulent activities. These former employees claim that not only did Wells Fargo know about their concerns regarding consumer and corporate fraud, but they say that the government is aware of the problems too.

Since 2010, dozens of Wells Fargo employees have filed complaints against the company through the federal government’s whistleblower protection program. The complaints allege that the former employees experienced retaliation in response to their attempts to address their concerns over consumer and corporate fraud. This situation certainly reveals concerns about the business practices at Wells Fargo, but it also exposes possible flaws and weaknesses in the federal whistleblower protection program.

As far as the allegations against Wells Fargo are concerned, the business practices that were troubling to the now former employees involved the fraudulent opening of credit cards and bank accounts on behalf of customers who had not authorized those accounts to be opened. The bank has been fined one hundred and eighty-five million dollars because it engaged in consumer fraud.

Unfortunately, the issue of retaliation by the bank against the many employees who attempted to address their concerns regarding the fraud with company management has not been well tended to. Some of the employees who filed whistleblower complaints with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) experienced delays in the agency’s response to their claims, and some complaints were never even investigated by the administration.

Apparently, the Wells Fargo cases are not the only cases that have gone without investigation, complaints from other whistleblowers against other firms have received little to no attention from OSHA as well. The result is that whistleblowers do not get the protection and justice that they deserve and matters regarding consumer fraud, public safety, and health concerns, and corporate wrongdoing are slow to be exposed. The agency cites a backlog of whistleblower complaints as the reason that it has been so slow to investigate the matters.

It is not surprising that employees within OSHA tried to address their concerns regarding the whistleblower cases that were sitting around and not being investigated. Some of these agency employees-turned-whistleblowers were fired after they expressed their concerns, and some of them a=have even filed retaliation complaints against OSHA.

Barrett Law PLLC:  Helping Mississippi Whistleblowers Fight Injustice

The Wells Fargo whistleblower cases have done more than expose large-scale corporate and consumer fraud. They have revealed weakness within one of the agencies that had been given the important work of protecting whistleblowers from retaliation. The aforementioned problems with OSHA make it clear that now, more than ever, whistleblowers need strong allies as they pursue claims against the companies that have retaliated against them. The whistleblower claims process is complicated and sometimes, periods of inaction can leave whistleblower wondering whether their cases will ever be resolved. When you work with a whistleblower attorney, you receive the benefit of having someone on your side who knows when to push forwards towards resolution of your case so that it does not sit around indefinitely. If you suffered harm after taking action as a whistleblower, the Mississippi Whistleblower Attorneys at Barrett Law PLLC might be able to help you. Call our office today at 1 (800) 707-9577 to set up a free, initial consultation.

Mississippi Whistleblower Attorneys Talk about the Harm that Some Whistleblowers Experience

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016

When someone who works for a company sees something happening that is not right, and they take their concern to their superiors, they are not always thanked or congratulated for giving those in leadership roles a chance to make things right. Often, their concerns are dismissed, which is bad enough, except that it does not end there. Some whistleblowers get fired from jobs that they have worked diligently at for years. Others remain on staff, although they experience heartbreaking injustice at work on a day to day basis. Both those employees who get fired and those who remain on staff in some capacity are often mistreated in ways that range from defamation to threats, bullying, and other forms of abuse.

A look inside the life of an Assistant Human Resources Officer at the McGuire VA Hospital reveals just how painful the life of a whistleblower can be. She still works for the hospital, but what she does can hardly be called work. She claims that she has not been assigned any meaningful tasks for about a year now, since she refused to give in to pressure to hire another manager’s husband for a job that she knew he was not qualified to fill. To add insult to injury, she was recently asked by one of her superiors what she has accomplished over the past year.

The consequences that the officer has experienced since she stood her ground and voiced her concerns regarding the alleged nepotism have been harsh to say the least. She gets paid, but she feels that taxpayers ought to know that their money is being wasted on her salary because she was stripped of her job responsibilities. Her office was nearly moved out to a trailer, but she fought back against that, too, and she was transferred into a tiny space that is not in a trailer. Her office is not only small; it is isolated, and she has no doubt that she was banished – how could she think otherwise when she previously supervised over fifty people.

The officer has endured verbal attacks, and her office door was plastered with signs that describe the characteristics of a bad leader. When she has reported the hostilities in her work environment to superiors, the mistreatment got worse, and she became the target of not just one but four internal investigations. She feels that she was singled out for abuse to serve as an example so that other employees would not even think about reporting their concerns. The Office of Special Counsel is now investigating the officer’s allegations, and she hopes that they will prosecute the hospital.

Barrett Law PLLC:  Standing Alongside Mississippi Whistleblowers Through the Claims Process

If your attempt to address concerns about work practices in your company with senior management was met with retaliation, you might be able to seek protection under whistleblower protection laws. Like the case mentioned above illustrates, retaliation is hurtful no matter what form it takes, from being isolated and stripped of job duties, to verbal abuse and many other forms of intimidation. If you have experienced retaliation, the Mississippi Whistleblower Attorneys at Barrett Law PLLC may be able to assist you.  To find out more, please call the Mississippi Whistleblower Attorneys at Barrett Law PLLC today at 1 (800) 707-9577 to schedule your initial consultation.

Mississippi Workplace Accident Attorneys Talk About Dump Truck Accidents

Sunday, November 20th, 2016

A recent accident at a landfill in Shreveport has claimed the life of one man. The man got trapped inside the cab of his dump truck when another dump truck, which was dumping at the same time, tipped over onto his truck and crushed the cab. This tragic workplace accident required immense effort from rescuers, with over twenty firefighters spending two and a half hours working to get him out of his truck as emergency medical personnel provided what care they could to him while he was still trapped inside of it. The accident, which is being investigated by OSHA, serves as a somber reminder that those who operate dump trucks as part of their work face similar dangers every day.

It is not easy to forget that you could become trapped inside of your truck. After all, dump trucks are bigger than many other vehicles, and they are built to withstand the rigors of heavy work. However, the strength and size of dump trucks can work against their operators or others who are working near them if an accident occurs. In the aforementioned situation, one massive truck toppled onto another. Other dump truck operators have gotten killed when loads from other trucks were dumped on top of them, and there are many other ways in which dump trucks and the loads that they carry can cause injuries and deaths in the workplace.

For example, dump trucks that are working at construction sites pose a risk to site workers, who could be run over or dumped on if they or the dump truck operator are not careful as they go about their work. Dump trucks must often travel on roads and highways, so there is always the risk of a motor vehicle accident during a dump truck operator’s work day. Operators can be injured or killed in accidents on roadways, in the same ways that drivers and passengers in other types of vehicles can. The places where dump trucks work are as varied as the workers who drive the trucks. Job sites include landfills, construction sites, quarries, fields, farms, forests, waterways, and many other types of places. Each type of job site poses its unique risks to dump truck drivers and other site workers.

Barrett Law PLLC:  Support for Mississippi Workplace Accident Victims

When a dump truck accident occurs in the workplace, there may be multiple parties involved besides the injured worker and his or her employer. For example, a trucking company may be party to the accident even if the worker is not the dump truck operator. Likewise, dump truck operators sometimes get hurt or killed at job sites that are not owned by their trucking company, which can occur in situations like the aforementioned landfill accident. If you got injured or lost a family member in a workplace dump truck accident, Mississippi Trucking Accident Attorneys could help you pursue a claim for damages so that you can focus on healing from your injury or our family’s loss. To learn more, call the Mississippi Trucking Accident Attorneys at Barrett Law PLLC at 1 (800) 707-9577 to schedule an initial consultation.

Mississippi Trucking Accident Attorneys Discusses Tractor Trailer Wrecks

Saturday, November 19th, 2016

A recent tractor trailer crash on I-55 claimed the life of one man, the truck’s driver. The early morning accident occurred when the truck, which was hauling a double trailer, left the roadway and collided with a tree. Tractor trailer accidents can cause serious injury or death and significant amounts of property damage. If you were hurt or if someone you love got killed in a tractor trailer wreck, it is important that you understand how tractor trailer accidents differ from accidents involving one or more non-commercial motor vehicles.

Tractor trailers have a size and shape that is unique among vehicles that travel along the roadways where you drive. They handle differently than passenger vehicles and specialized training and licensing is required for a driver to have permission to drive them. It is not surprising, then, that they collide with other vehicles or objects in a way that is similar to yet slightly different from other types of vehicles. To truly understand what may have happened during an accident involving a tractor trailer, the accident scene and evidence from the accident scene must be assessed by officials and others who have experience in examining tractor trailer accident scenes. The evidence in a trucking accident includes business records, cargo, and other items that are not a part of most other motor vehicle accident cases. Trucking accident attorneys understand how tractor trailers work, the types of malfunctions that can occur as they travel along the road, and the ways in which they can move during collisions.

When an accident involves a tractor trailer, there are more parties involved in the crash than may meet the eye. In addition to the drivers and passengers who were directly involved in the accident, the company that owns the truck as well as that company’s insurer are all parties to the wreck. This can make for a complicated set of facts, but it can also provide more avenues from which plaintiffs can recover for their injuries or losses. Trucking accident attorneys understand how the various parties in trucking accident cases are related to each other and they know how to engage with each of the types of individuals and business entities involved in your trucking accident case.

Barrett Law PLLC:  Supporting Trucking Accident Victims and Their Families

If you or someone that you love got hurt or killed in a crash involving a tractor-trailer or some other type of commercial vehicle, it’s essential that you select the right attorney to represent you and your family in your trucking accident case. The differences between trucking accidents and other motor vehicle accidents illustrate why it is best to select an attorney who has plenty of experience in handling trucking accident cases. The Mississippi Trucking Accident Attorneys at Barrett Law PLLC may be able to help you with your trucking accident case. To find out more about how we might be able to help you, please call our office today, at 1 (800) 707-9577, to schedule a free, initial consultation.

Mississippi Personal Injury Attorneys Discuss Failure to Yield Motorcycle Accidents

Friday, November 18th, 2016

A couple from Philadelphia, MS was injured when their motorcycle got hit by a car. The driver was making a left turn when she struck the motorcycle, knocking both riders off of the motorcycle and injuring them. The injured riders were taken to the hospital, where they were both treated for injuries that did not appear to be life-threatening.

Collisions between left-turning vehicles and motorcycles are a common type of failure to yield motorcycle accident. Similar failure to yield accidents can happen when one passenger vehicle turns across the lane where another is traveling, but the amount of injury and damage is often far less in those scenarios than it is in collisions where one of the vehicles involved is a motorcycle. When the driver of a passenger vehicle fails to yield to a motorcycle, the rider of the motorcycle usually does not have enough time to move out of the path of the oncoming car, and the resulting crash often results in serious injury or death for the motorcycle rider.

Left-turn accidents and other types of failure to yield motorcycle accidents can happen in places where both lanes of traffic are moving, and they can also occur at intersections. Sometimes, a complicating factor like alcohol, speeding, aggressive driving, or distracted driving, causes the driver of the vehicle to fail to see and avoid the motorcycle. In other situations, there is no complicating factor, and the driver of the vehicle simply doesn’t see the motorcycle until there is no chance to avoid a wreck.

In left-turn accidents and other failure to yield motorcycle accidents, it is important to remember that answering the question of whether the car struck the motorcycle or the motorcycle hit the car may not create a clear picture of who was at fault. All too often, when people think about accidents, they think of the victims as the driver and passengers in the vehicle that was struck. This potential misperception can cause problems during the investigation of the accident. Witnesses may sometimes believe that the rider was at fault for the crash when in reality, the fault lies with the car’s driver if they failed to yield to the oncoming motorcycle or give the rider time to pass safely or otherwise avoid a collision. A thorough investigation of these accidents is crucial in determining fault accurately.

Barrett Law PLLC:  Helping Mississippi Motorcycle Accident Plaintiffs and Their Families

If you were hurt or someone that you love lost their life in a left-turn failure to yield motorcycle accident or any other type of motorcycle accident, a Mississippi personal injury attorney could help you pursue a claim for the injuries, damages, or loss that you have experienced as a result of the crash. To find out more about how we could help you with your motorcycle accident case, please call the Mississippi Personal Injury Attorneys at Barrett Law PLLC at 1 (800) 707-9577 to set up an initial consultation.

Mississippi Automobile Accident Attorneys Discuss Accidents Involving Wild Animals

Tuesday, November 15th, 2016

A woman recently died in a car accident involving a deer. The force of the collision made her vehicle flip over and catch fire. This tragic accident is illustrative of just how serious collisions between motor vehicles and wildlife can be.

Drivers and passengers in vehicles that collide with wildlife are often severely injured or killed in the crash. Medium and large wildlife like deer, bear, moose, and elk cause forceful impacts when they are struck by a moving vehicle, whether the vehicle collides with the side of the animal or the animal is tossed into the air and lands on top of the car. If the animal becomes airborne, vehicle occupants could be crushed if the animal lands on the roof of the car. If the animal lands on the front or the rear of the vehicle, it can shatter the land hurt or kill the people inside the car. Sometimes, such as in the situation that is described above, collisions involving animals can even cause vehicles to overturn, leave the roadway, or both, which further increases the risk of serious injury or death.

Many wildlife-related wrecks happen at night, or at dusk or dawn. These are the times of day when many animals are on the move, and they are also times when it’s hard for drivers to see animals that may be present in or near the road. The frequency of animal-related crashes often corresponds to the changing of the seasons because migration, hunting seasons, mating, and other factors which affect the movements of animals follow seasonal patterns.

Wildlife can be present anywhere along the roadway, but certain types of landscapes make it more likely that you will encounter animals there. For example, deer are often found near open fields and moose frequent swampy areas. In places where there are trees or other plants close to the road, wildlife can be hard to see until they are actually on the road. As if avoiding animals in the road was not difficult enough already, some animals, like deer, are often found in groups, which can contribute to an increased accident risk. If you are driving and you see one deer, carefully scan the area for others that may be nearby before continuing along the road.

If you are driving and you cannot safely avoid hitting an animal that is on the road, try to hit it from an angle. Colliding with an animal from an angle increases the chance that the animal will be deflected away from your car instead of throwing it into the air. If you do hit an animal with your vehicle, be sure to call the police, so that the animal can safely be removed from the roadway and the accident can be properly documented. It is important that the crash is documented properly because insurance companies occasionally try to avoid paying on claims for damages in accidents involving wildlife when a police report has not been filed.

Barrett Law PLLC:  Helping Automobile Accident Victims Across Mississippi  

Sometimes, a driver cannot avoid a collision with a wild animal. If you got hurt in a wildlife-related car crash, contact a Mississippi Automobile Accident attorney right away. Your attorney might be able to help you to pursue a claim for damages while you focus on healing your injuries and repairing or replacing your vehicle. The Mississippi Automobile Accident Attorneys at Barrett Law PLLC are here to help you, so please call us today, at 1 (800) 707-9577 to schedule a consultation.

Mississippi Automobile Accident Attorneys Urge People to Wear Seat Belts

Sunday, November 13th, 2016

Three teenagers sustained serious injuries in a recent two-car accident. The accident occurred when a car ran into a flatbed trailer that was being pulled by a pickup truck. The three girls, who were not wearing their seatbelts, were ejected from the car. They are now recovering from their injuries after spending time in the hospital.

Accidents involving ejection are scary, and they often involve serious injury or death. The best way for drivers and passengers to reduce the risk that they will be ejected from a vehicle in the event of a wreck is to wear a seat belt. For some people, wearing a seatbelt is a choice that they make. For others, especially children, it is mandated by law. In Mississippi, Section 63-2 of the Mississippi Code requires drivers and front seat passengers to wear seat belts. Children who are younger than seven must be buckled into a child safety seat that is appropriate for their age, size, and weight. Adult passengers who ride in rear seats are free to choose whether or not they wear seatbelts, as are children between the ages of seven and eighteen who sit in the back seat.

Statistics have shown that people who choose not to wear their seatbelts have a risk of being ejected that is thirty times higher than the ejection risk for people who wear seatbelts. The statistics on ejection and fatalities are even more concerning. In automobile wrecks where one or more people are ejected from a vehicle, there is a seventy-five percent chance that each person who was ejected from the vehicle will die either instantly, or at some time after the crash as the result of their injuries.

In addition to preventing ejection, seatbelt use also reduces the risk of injuries to people who remain inside of vehicles during crashes. It is estimated that the medical bills of automobile accident victims who were wearing seat belts during their accidents are fifty percent lower than the medical bills of those accident victims who were not wearing their seat belts. Children experience an even greater risk of being severely injured or killed in a car accident if they are not using the right car seat or seatbelt. This is why there are specific seat belt and child safety seat rules that apply to child passengers. Parents must also be aware that choosing the correct child safety seat or belt for your child’s age, height, and weight is just the first step towards keeping your kids safe in the car. A child’s car seat or booster seat must also be installed in your vehicle correctly for it to prevent injuries or death during a car accident.

Barrett Law PLLC:  Support for Mississippi Car Accident Victims and Their Families

Accidents involving ejection are often tragic. If a person gets ejected from a vehicle and they survive the crash, they are often severely injured, and they may face a long period of healing and recovery. If you were hurt or someone that you love died after being ejected from a motor vehicle during an accident, you may be able to recover for your injuries or your loss. The Mississippi Automobile Accident Attorneys at Barrett Law PLLC help accident victims and their families recover physically and financially after automobile accidents. Please call our office today, at 1 (800) 707-9577 to schedule your free, initial consultation.

Mississippi Personal Injury Attorneys Talk about Teen Driver Safety

Thursday, November 10th, 2016

Parents and teens in Mississippi may not be aware that the state’s laws for young drivers are among the weakest teen driver laws in the nation. According to statistics that have been collected by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, drivers between fifteen and twenty years of age were involved in seventy-six fatal crashes in 2014 and one hundred and three fatal crashes in 2015. These statistics indicate that the number of fatal accidents involving young drivers is rising, which is concerning both for young drivers and their parents.

In the past, all drivers used to receive the same driving privileges when they earned their drivers’ license. In more recent years, states have adopted graduated driver licensing laws, or GDLs, that have helped keep young drivers safe by giving them limited driving privileges at first and then adding privileges as they gain experience, skill, and maturity. Different states have different GDL programs, and there are seven types of rules that have been shown to help young drivers stay safe. The GDL program in Mississippi has one of those seven types of rules, which is a holding period of six months or more before a driver can receive an unrestricted license. Mississippi requires a holding period of twelve months, but there is an exemption for applicants who are seventeen or older when they apply for their driver’s license. Drivers who are seventeen or older when they first apply for a driver’s license can get an unrestricted license right away.

Mississippi allows teens to get learner’s permits at age fifteen, which is earlier than many states. Nighttime driving is also less restricted on weekends than it is in other places, with Mississippi teens being allowed to drive until 11:30 on Friday and Saturday nights when teens in many other states must be off of the road by ten at night every night of the week. Most states restrict the number and type of passengers that can ride with young drivers, but Mississippi does not.

Having laws to protect young drivers is only part of the battle for keeping young drivers and their passengers safe. The level of respect that many young people have for driving laws is low, as evidenced by the number of violations of those laws that have been observed by law enforcement officers. For example, texting and driving is against the law in Mississippi, but officers still see many teens texting and using cell phones while they are driving. While the laws for young drivers in Mississippi could be stronger, it is up to the young drivers and their parents to make sure that safe driving laws and practices are learned and followed so that accident rates for young drivers can decrease.

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Automobile accidents can cause severe injuries or death. If you got hurt in a crash or someone that you love died in a car accident, you might be able to recover financially for the damages that are associated with your injury or loss. To learn more about how to pursue a claim for damages, please call the knowledgeable Mississippi Personal Injury Attorneys at Barrett Law PLLC today, at 1 (800) 707-9577 to arrange your free, initial consultation.

Mississippi BP Oil Spill Attorneys Discuss Oil Spill Recovery Efforts

Tuesday, November 8th, 2016

The Governor has recently announced plans to begin some of the projects that will restore environmental health to the Gulf coast. Some of those projects include replacing sewers and storm drains that currently contribute to beach closures and buying property around some of the bayous so that it can be used for conservation and public use.

The list of projects that will eventually be completed using oil spill recovery money is much longer than that, and the projects on the list are intended to restore both the environmental and the economic health of the area. State officials developed ideas for some of the projects from public input about what types of projects residents thought would be effective. Water quality improvements, economic improvements, coastal habitat protection and restoration, and protection of marine resources are the broad categories of projects that people believe will benefit the area the most.

Specific details and projected costs of some projects have already been released. For example, the state plans to buy a private oyster hatchery near Perkinston so that the University of Southern Mississippi can upgrade the facilities and take over the operation of the hatchery. The Coast Coliseum and Convention Center will receive funds for expansion, although it is not yet clear what form that expansion will take.

A few of the projects that are going to be funded with oil spill recovery money are designed to provide much-needed oversight and will ensure that other restoration projects to determine their effectiveness. For example, the National Oceans and Applications Research Center, which is a private nonprofit that the state has chartered for scientific research and collaboration in the Gulf of Mexico, will monitor Gulf ecosystems to see what impacts various restoration projects will have on the health of marine systems.

Marine life and shore birds are vital to the health of the Gulf, and tourists and area residents alike enjoy seeing dolphins, sea turtles, and other easily recognizable and charismatic signs of a healthy ecosystem. A marine life conservation program will receive funding to do work that involves the conservation, rehabilitation, recovery, and monitoring of sea turtle and dolphin populations. Funds have been allocated to programs that will monitor the health of coastal birds, protect their habitat, and increase their populations.

Barrett Law PLLC:  BP Oil Spill Attorneys in Mississippi

The BP oil spill caused a lot of environmental and economic damage to Mississippi’s Gulf Coast. Although the environment is beginning to be restored and economic activities are starting to recover, many businesses are still suffering from the damage that they have experienced. If you experienced economic damage as the result of the BP oil spill, the Mississippi BP Oil Spill Attorneys at Barrett Law PLLC are here to assist you.  Our experienced Mississippi BP Oil Spill attorneys have helped many oil spill victims, and we might be able to help you.  Call Barrett Law PLLC today at 1 (800) 707-9577, to set up a free, initial consultation.

Mississippi Whistleblower Attorneys Discuss Whistleblower Cases Involving Family Ties

Saturday, November 5th, 2016

Taking a stand against improper business practices is tough enough, but some whistleblowers face the added challenge of speaking out against businesses that involve both business and family relationships. One whistleblower was brave enough to speak out against a company whose wrongdoing could place patients’ health at risk because its work involves blood testing. He reported what he had seen while working for the enterprise despite the fact that his grandfather, with whom he had always had a close relationship, holds an important position within the firm.

Tyler Schultz did not have to work at Theranos for very long before he noticed workplace practices that raised serious concerns about the accuracy of blood test results that were being produced by the company’s testing devices. Schultz had only been working at the firm for eight months when he felt that his concerns were grave enough to speak to the company’s founder about what he had seen. Not only were his concerns dismissed, but the response that he received was insulting, belittling, and threatening.

Schultz did not let that response or his connection to his grandfather prevent him in pressing forward to continue exposing his concerns about the accuracy of the company’s blood testing equipment. After all, he was one of several employees who shared those concerns and who had tried to address the issues within the enterprise, only to have their efforts dismissed and rebuffed by company leaders. Tyler Schultz wanted to protect patient health by contacting New York State’s public health lab to tell them about his concerns, and he also wanted to protect his grandfather’s reputation.

In addition to making the regulatory complaint, Schultz began speaking to a Journal reporter as a confidential source. Attorneys from the company have accused him of leaking trade secrets and have threatened to take legal action against him. Schultz maintains his stance against the company’s business practices, and he is cooperating with a federal investigation of Theranos. The company is being investigated both civilly and criminally by the Securities and Exchange Commission and the U.S. attorney’s office in San Francisco.

Tyler Schultz and his parents have had to invest a considerable amount of time, energy, and money to ensure that the inaccuracy of the blood testing equipment manufactured by Theranos was noted and investigated by authorities. Whistleblowers often face an uphill battle as they fight to do the right thing. Fortunately, they do not have to fight alone. Whistleblower attorneys understand the difficulties that are inherent in the process of exposing corporate wrongdoing. The Mississippi Whistleblower Attorneys at Barrett Law PLLC are here to help you navigate the whistleblower claims process. We can help you pursue recovery from the various types of damages that you have experienced throughout your journey as a whistleblower.  If you have questions or concerns regarding your experience as a whistleblower, please call the Mississippi Whistleblower Attorneys at Barrett Law PLLC today at 1 (800) 707-9577 to arrange a free, initial consultation.