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Attorney Referrals

For years, many of our great cases have come by referral from other lawyers.  The reasons for referrals vary.

For example, attorneys who are preeminent in certain areas of the law readily acknowledge when they need to refer a client to a lawyer who specializes in tort law or the law of contracts. 

Often, Mississippi attorneys refer us cases that do not fit their practices.  Sometimes, Barrett Law, PLLC enters into joint ventures to create a litigation team where the referring attorney stays involved in the case in some capacity.

Attorneys in other firms outsource to us the handling of plaintiffs’ personal injury cases that their firm’s don’t handle.  Attorneys in other states frequently refer to us their clients who have catastrophic injury or wrongful death cases or other types of cases in Mississippi. 

Our peers in the legal community trust us to work tirelessly to maximize a client’s chances of receiving just compensation, and, in turn, preserve the trust the client initially placed in them.

Barrett Law, PLLC invites you to join our attorney referral network.  Please tell us about you, your firm, and possible cases.  As a member of our Attorney Referral Network, you also may be referred matters that could be better served by your firm.

Barrett Law, PLLC abides by the referral rules of the applicable state bar that allows attorney fee payments to a referring lawyer and will contact the client only after co-counsel arrangements are complete.