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Mississippi Bad Faith Insurance Attorney

You have purchased insurance to protect you from some of the unfortunate things that can happen in everyday life.  You have diligently paid your premiums and now you expect your insurance company to honor its commitment to you – its fiduciary obligation to you.  If you suffer a serious illness, lose your home to fire or are being sued for a serious car accident, you assume that you insurance company will live up to their end of the deal.  At Barrett Law, PLLC, we have been fighting for the rights of policyholders in Madison and throughout Mississippi for over 75 years. 

If your insurance company has denies your claim for no reason, continues to lowball your claim, refuses to communicate with you or stonewalls you regarding the status of your claim, our experienced insurance bad faith attorneys are only a phone call away at (800) 707-9577.

Unfortunately, policyholders are sometimes treated unfairly by their insurance companies.  When this happens it can have devastating results because you may not receive life saving medical care or the funds you need to rebuild your home after it is burned to the ground in a fire.  You may even find yourself exposed to massive liability in a lawsuit because your auto insurance company refuses to defend you or offer a reasonable settlement within policy limits when you inadvertently cause a serious car accident.  You purchase insurance for the piece of mind that you will be protected from such unanticipated misfortune, but an insurance company’s bad faith can make a time of stress and angst much worse.

Every insurance contract in Mississippi contains an implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing, which is implied by law.  This duty effectively means that an insurance company stands in a fiduciary relationship with a policyholder and must promptly investigate a claim and look for a basis to pay the claim rather than look for a ground to deny coverage.  When your life, health, disability, or property insurer denies a claim, there might be a legitimate issue concerning coverage.  However, insurance companies often have their own ways of reading the terms of the policies they write.  The law provides that insurance policies must be written in plain English.  If they are ambiguous, the courts will interpret them in favor of you, the insured.  If you feel your insurance claim has been wrongfully denied, your insurance company may be acting in “bad faith”.  You should seek the advice of our experienced legal team if your insurance company:

  • Refuses to pay even though it is due under your policy.
  • Offers payment below what is dictated by your policy.
  • Delays your payment for an unjustifiable length of time.
  • Fails to communicate, requests overly burdensome documentation or intimidates.
  • Alters a policy without notice or consent.
  • Intentionally withholds or misrepresents information.
  • Fails to defend the policyholder.
  • Cancels the policy.

This list is a small sample of bad faith practices an insurance company may engage. When a person suffers personal or property damage . . . stress, anxiety, and uncertainty is common. One should not have to face unethical and unfair treatment by the insurance company as well.

Our experienced law firm handles all types of insurance bad faith claims including:

  • Homeowners Insurance
  • Auto Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Storm Damage Claims
  • Fire Damage Insurance Claims
  • Theft Claims

After representing clients in Mississippi for over 75 years, Barrett Law, PLLC has the experience and the resources to protect your claims and stand up for your rights against big insurance companies. Our legal team will evaluate your claim and guide you through the difficult process of pursuing a bad faith insurance claim. 

If you have been denied the benefits and protections you are entitled to by your insurance policy, we may be able to file a lawsuit for insurance bad faith which may not only entitle you to the benefits guaranteed under your policy but also to punitive damages for your insurance company’s unfair and unethical conduct.

Barrett Law, PLLC will provide a straightforward assessment of your rights and work diligently to hold your insurance company accountable for its refusal to live up to its part of the bargain.  We offer a free initial case evaluation so that we can evaluate your claim so call us today at (800) 707-9577.



Our legal team at Barrett Law, PLLC serves people throughout Mississippi including: North Mississippi, Jackson and the Hattiesburg areas.