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Client Testimonials

Last year I was in a horrible car accident and sustained several injuries. My car was also totaled. I called Jonathan and he came to my home immediately. Not only did he help me with my insurance claim, he helped me with my workers’ compensation claim. He and his paralegal, Stephanie, also helped arrange physical therapy.¬† I found Jonathan both compassionate and caring, and would recommend him to anyone.

~~Karen H.

I just wanted to take a moment to say 'Thank You' to you and the Barrett Law team.  The knowledge and experience you brought to bear in my family's case was invaluable.¬† In addition to your expertise, I would like to express my appreciation to you and your firm for your guidance, patience, and compassion in the handling of our questions and concerns.

~~Sincerely, Faye R.

I would like to write a testimonial so that anyone interested in good representation will consider hiring Jonathan Barrett as their counselor. Jonathan represented our family on an adverse possession case involving land that has been in our family since the early 1940s. After depositions and a couple of lighthearted attempts to settle, the case moved forward to Chancery Court.

Jonathan was always quick to point out that case law was not on our side due to the long amount of time that squatters had occupied our land without our knowledge. We kept telling Jonathan that we believed we were in the right and we felt comfortable moving forward with litigation even with the cards stacked against us. I was very impressed with Jonathan's courtroom skills and eloquent oratory. As expected, we prevailed due to his able representation. I would highly recommend Jonathan and will hire him again should something arise requiring his skill and expertise in the courtroom or as otherwise needed.

~~Yandell W. and family

After explaining my story to Jonathan's assistant, I was doubtful that I had a case or that I would hear back from anyone. Within the hour, Jonathan called me and patiently listened to my case from beginning to end. He was honest with me, telling me that he wasn't sure that I had a whistleblower case, due to new laws and the fact that I had contacted the government first. However, after a coupe of days, Jonathan not only made sure I had a case, but he had put together a team of people working to help me protect my interest in it. From meeting with the government and working with its representatives, to answering my many emails and phone calls, Jonathan and his team showed nothing but exceptional legal skills, patience, and professionalism throughout the whole whistleblower process. In the end, Jonathan and his team made sure that I was well-compensated by the government, too, for my blowing the whistle on the Medicare fraud scheme at my workplace. Jonathan and his firm made me feel more like family instead of a client. I would definitely recommend Jonathan and his law firm to everyone I know.

~~Kristi B

Our legal team at Barrett Law, PLLC serves people throughout Mississippi including: North Mississippi, Jackson and the Hattiesburg areas.